Which Labyrinth is For You ?

5 Reasons

to get a Labyrinth today

  Get meditative space to use anywhere / anytime.

  Get space for your mind to decompress.

Calm your mind to be more present in the now.

  Increase your attention and retention ability.

  Get space to touch base with your inner self.

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Amaze Your Mind Labyrinth Solutions


Amaze Your Mind Labyrinth Solutions provides Labyrinth Board Products and Labyrinth Services such as coaching and training groups or individuals for meditation and therapy.

Our product line includes portable labyrinth boards also referred to as Finger Walking or Finger Tracing Labyrinth Boards. We provide portable, smooth, sleek, non porous, light weight, very stylish and Made In Canada single and double labyrinths. When not in use they are beautiful art to put on display and appoint a room wall or shelf.

With the high speed multi tasking life that we live, people do not have the time to learn how to meditate, and take time for themselves to go within. Labyrinths provide this with ease whether walking one with your feet, or your fingers. Walking a Labyrinth forces one into a meditative state of mind naturally. This has caused a renewed interest in Labyrinths for healing and transformation, not to mention the feeling of calm and increased ability to focus from using them. In the United States Labyrinths are very popular, and are in use at numerous Hospitals for patients, Doctors, Nurses or caregivers to walk. I personally while in Grants Pass Oregon, had the opportunity to walk the one at Three Rivers Hospital many times. In addition they are used in schools, clinics and churches. Even in the 6th season of the HBO show OZ Labyrinths were brought into the prison. This reflects the use of them in actual prisons, for conflict resolution with inmates. In corporations or schools, they can be used for team building and problem solving. Needless to say Labyrinths are a multi use, multi purpose tool steeped in a history of Religion and Spirituality. I encourage you to continue exploring this amazing tool.

So find a Labyrinth near you and start your journey. Your journey to yourself. Your journey to peace.