About Labyrinths



There is a saying amount Labyrinth enthusiasts...” You do not find the Labyrinth, the Labyrinth finds you.” And that it did, in a very profound way.

I read one book about Labyrinths and I was hooked. Needless to say I have spent hundreds of hours reading and researching about the many types of Labyrinths all over the world.

In my travels I have been fortunate enough to be able to have seen Labyrinths in Peru and the famous Cathedral in Chartres France. Through Robert Ferre who I will call my Labyrinth mentor I have learned how to make Labyrinths and facilitate walks. My library of books and my knowledge continues to grow on a daily basis.

So, now my love of Labyrinths can become your love of Labyrinths as it is my mission to make them available to everyone through manufacturing and selling portable finger walking Labyrinth boards, and Labyrinth facilitation, and education.

Irma Haggith is a Labyrinth Emissary and coach. Her new business, A MAZE YOUR MIND LABYRINTH SOLUTIONS mission is to bring portable Labyrinth left and right handed finger walking boards to schools, hospitals, retirement homes, corporate executives, and the public in general. These boards are made from solid surface material which is heat, scratch, stain, and bacteria resistant. Services provided are the making of temporary Labyrinths for special events, and facilitating powerful insightful and enlightening Labyrinth walks.By just watching how your finger walk a Labyrinth board, Irma can tell you what your personality is like.

Labyrinth facts: By walking a Labyrinth you increase and balance your AURA or energetic field.


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