How To Use Finger Walking Labyrinth Boards

It is suggested to bring your focus into yourself and set an intention before you start your finger walk. You can do this by taking 3 deep cleansing breaths. This allows you a moment to honour yourself and the Labyrinth before embarking on your inner journey.

(By finger walk, I mean you trace the path with your fingers)

If you are doing this with your eyes closed, just FEEL your way around the path. Learn to use the sense of feel, rather than sight. As you move from one direction to another, just become aware of what feelings are bubbling up to the surface as you move or get stuck.

Are you moving quickly and with confidence, or are you moving slowly and cautiously? Do your fingers stray over the edges leaving you lost and frustrated? What feelings are you experiencing now? How do you react in life when you get lost, frustrated or STUCK? Are the feelings being brought up similar? Do you just keep blindly moving forward hoping that you are still on the path? Do you do this in your life? Do you realize that you messed up, and go back and find your way again? Or do you make your own rules here as you finger walk, and in life?

When you get to the center or goal, how do you feel? Pause for a moment here and take another 3 deep breaths. Feel the peace here at the centre.

Are you satisfied? Did it take too long to get to the centre or perceived goal? Was it too fast, or not fast enough. Do you pause in the centre and enjoy it?

As you journey back out it is if you are returning to the surface. Do you feel the difference? Is the journey back out easier? Are you in gratitude for the lessons shown to you on the way in?

When you reach the exit, as you leave the Labyrinth, stop turn and bow to the space in honour of the journey and the insights you may have had along the way.

Suggestions: Keep a journal of your experiences with your walks. This helps to deepen the experience for you.

Use this Labyrinth Finger Walking Board with no expectations.

Simply enjoy the journey!