Labyrinth Services


A Maze Your Mind Labyrinth Solutions services provided consist of customized presentations to your business, group, school or network.

A presentation will be:


Where Labyrinths come from, how old they are, the various places they are found in the world, their ancient and modern uses, the different designs, and  the why’s and how’s of their use. For example at Montessori Schools I will talk about the origin of the various designs from nature providing pictures or a slide show demonstration.


Using a small 8 foot multi coloured Labyrinth you can experience the benefits of walking a Labyrinth with facilitation and music. For larger events a larger Labyrinth can be made. Benefits from using a Labyrinth as a tool for personal growth, and a metaphor for your life will be discussed.

Presentations to schools to educate the parents, teachers, and students about the benefits of utilizing the Labyrinth on a daily basis through inter active presentations

  • Presentations at retail book stores, and holistic clinics/stores to educate the general public on the various methods of use and benefits of the Labyrinth as a tool for calming, de stressing, and inner reflection, which leads to inner healing.
  • Special event presentations providing people from all walks of life the ability to experience the benefits of a Labyrinth in the comfort of their own home, office, school, or other environment of choice.  Teaching people how easy it is to make their own Labyrinths.
Pricing for services will be on a per hour basis with travel, and material expenses paid by the person providing the event. Proposals can be provided.

My products and services will help people to be to take control over stress in their lives, giving them pleasure in exchange. This then gives the purchaser a sense of pride in making a good investment in my product.