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I have been introduced to the beauty and power of ‘walking’ a labyrinth before, but have never had the opportunity to experience a labyrinth from within my own home and to integrate it into my daily practice of meditation and being present until I tried your portable labyrinth.

When you gave me that incredible gift, to ‘walk’ your portable labyrinth on my lap, with my fingers – I had the most profound experience of stillness in my mind and presence in a way I have never quite been able to reach during all my years of practicing meditation.

Closing my eyes, while my fingers followed in the smooth and gentle grooves etched in the labyrinth board, forced me to be guided by its grooves and was quite magical how still and quiet I felt inside, as my mind could not engage through sight, in directing my actions – I was completely present and filled with peace.

Your portable labyrinth board is an incredibly beautiful and powerful tool to facilitate anyone in going deeper within; especially for children or adults with active minds, who have trouble concentrating but who need to be ‘active’ or kinesthetic in the way they engage in reflective practices.


Date of Posting: 15 December 2008
Posted By: Christine Beverley
Life Purpose Coach – Parents and Educators, Toronto, Ontario

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