Which Labyrinth is For You ?

5 Reasons

to get a Labyrinth today

  Get meditative space to use anywhere / anytime.

  Get space for your mind to decompress.

Calm your mind to be more present in the now.

  Increase your attention and retention ability.

  Get space to touch base with your inner self.

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Warranty / Damaged / Return Policy

Solid Surface material is scratch, heat, and stain resistant. Notice this is resistant not PROOF. As long as the material is wiped clean with soap and water, or a light bleach and water solution and dried thoroughly it will maintain itself for a long time. If dropped the possibility exists that it might break or crack. Solid Surface or Corian has long been used as counter top material and is known for it's durability. The stain resistance of solid surface is actually why it becomes anti bacterial. It literally resists bacteria growth when cleaned after use.

If your purchase is received damaged notify us by phone or email, within three days for return authorization. The item must be returned to us within 10 days in its original packing box, bubble wrap etc. as much as possible. Once received, a replacement will be sent along with a refund for the cost of shipping/returning the damaged product.


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